Car Insurance

In Massachusetts all automobile insurance policies have compulsory no fault personal injury protection.

This means that anyone who is in an automobile that is insured in Massachusetts, will be covered in the event of injury.  It is compulsory insurance, and making a claim for treatment of injuries does not increase the owner’s insurance premium.

Therefore, your medical bills will be paid by the insurance of the automobile that you are riding in.

This coverage is called Personal Injury Protection and covers up to $8000 in medical expenses.

Payment for auto injuries is most always covered at 100% through automobile insurance coverage.

Whether you’re the driver or passenger, or at fault, or not you have insurance coverage for medical treatment and lost wages.

We accept most automobile injuries with or without legal representation.  The choice is yours.  It’s important to understand that you do not need an attorney to begin receiving or continuing medical care.

Massachusetts is a “No-Fault” state.  Which means that everyone involved in the accident has insurance benifits through the “Personal Injury Protection” portion of the automobile insurance.

If you have purchased “MED PAY” with your car insurance then you have additional medical coverage.

We’ll Work With Your Attorney

You can rest comfortably knowing that we’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork and send it to your insurance company and your attorney.

We provide all paperwork, medical updates and medical reports to your attorney at no charge.  This professional courtesy means that these costs don’t come out of your settlement.